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As part of our everyday business I donate 10% of all revenues to companies and charities committed to the RECOVERY community! This month I'd like to collect additional funds in honor of NATIONAL RECOVERY MONTH!

In honor of National Recovery Month I’m raising monies for the local recovery communities. There are three ways listed below to contribute; Facebook, Venmo and Paypal. Venmo and FB Pay are the best choices because they don’t take a fee. If you’d like to contribute via PayPal please choose sending money to friends and family.

I will be collecting donations throughout the month and the disbursing. Funds will go towards scholarships to treatment facilities, sober living houses, etc. Although I have some ideas of where to deliver the funds I am always open to your suggestions.

The recovery community thanks you for your generous support. ​

Support Local Efforts

Support the local recovery community during National Recovery Month. Whether it's to local recovery facilities, supporting loved ones or being there for someone in need, the time to act is now!

Recovery is Possible

Chemical dependency and mental illness are real and are affecting lives each and every day. In this unprecedented time it is crucial to support the recovery communities. Our cities, states, countries and world are experiencing hardships and challenges not seen by many before.

Do not feel obligated to contribute through me. Please feel free to contribute directly if that is more appealing to you. Either way I'm asking for your support of the recovery communities. Three ways to contribute below.

People Helping People

This is your chance. Support the mission to help people through this uncertain time many are facing. Even the smallest donation makes a difference. Don't wait for someone else to support these folks. Become part of the solution and contribute today.

$25 Incentive

With a donation of $25 I will send an electronic copy of my BowTie Living workbook. It is literally the workbook I use in my workshops and private coaching sessions.

$50 or Greater Incentive​

If you donate $50 or more you'll receive BOTH my BowTie Living workbook and your very own BowTie Living bandana you see me wearing in my Facebook Live's. Don't worry it will be a new one 😂

Contribute to the solution

Search for WillHaugerud and send money using FB Messenger (I think we have to be friends on FB) Please note it is for a donation for National Recovery Month
Please note it is for a donation for National Recovery Month
Please note it is for a donation for National Recovery Month
During these uncertain times, those who misuse or abuse alcohol and/or other drugs, are particularly vulnerable. The stress from social isolation and other COVID-19 related life changes can lead to or worsen substance use and misuse. There are also health risks resulting from chronic alcohol/drug use as it weakens the immune system and puts stress on the body’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
University of MI Psychiatry Dept.
We had a pandemic with mental health and opiates and addiction prior to COVID. What COVID has unfortunately done is fueled another pandemic within a pandemic because you have different people – you have the people that might have been in recovery, early recovery or even long term that were used to going to 12-step-based meetings or Christian fellowship or refuge recovery or smart recovery. Now they have all these fears such as I might not have a job, I don't know if I can pay my rent or I'm losing my job… what am I going to do? Relapses have been through the roof.
Recovery advocate Tim Ryan

Statistics on substance abuse during COVID-19 provided by The Recovery Village®

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